Dr. Andrea Pennington provides online life coaching & empowerment resources to unlock your potential for transformation.

Unlock Your Mind+Heart to Liberate+Love Your Authentic Self!

Live with increased confidence, peace and joy!

After a near death like-out of body experience, Dr. Andrea Pennington, took her awakened consciousness on the road! She traveled the world to understand her true identity and to better understand how other cultures deal with the programming of the edo identity.

An advocate for unconditional self-love and self-acceptance she has appeared on Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN and more teaching people how to embrace their talents and strengths to live with more passion and purpose.

From Dr. Andrea:
I have traveled around the world trying to uncover, rediscover and embrace the real me. Along my journey I found that many spiritual leaders, psychologists and native wisdom teachers taught through a process of inquiry to learn about our true nature and true identity.

Asking open ended questions is an effective technique for bypassing the distracted ‘monkey mind’ and getting to the heart of truth that you carry everywhere. The inquiry and contemplative practices that Buddhists and Zen masters advocate is deep and profound. If you’re willing to ask a few questions of yourself you may notice that new possibilities come to light and your life takes on a new lightness. Light and space turn on and open up to show you a new way of seeing the world, yourself and living your destiny.

All of this sounds very lofty, so I invite you to download my e-book and see how the questions land and expand your heart for transformation and living an awakened life.

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