This is a Cowboy and Indian love song written and composed by Esther Casteel in 1930. It is the first song that Esther wrote. This is the most recent recording and was performed by Artist "Virge Brown" starting in 1995.

Here are some other songs that Virge Brown Performs:

Song For Reunited Lovers; She (Is The One); Intruder; The Maid Called Lorelei; I Forgive You But I Cant Forget You; You Are The One; One Wish To Make and I Search The Years.

A Veteran Country Music Artist, Virge Brown had his own radio program One Wish To Make and TV show The Virge Brown Show (the original SADDLE-MATES group) who will long be remembered for their songs of the Old West. Virge is also well known for his songwriting, and as a top Disc Jockey.

Writer, Esther Casteel was an Author, Composer, Artist and creator and owner of Western Ranch Music Record Label.

For Bios and Record Label History visit the WRM site at :

Esther met her Cowboy husband "Ray Casteel" at a family ranch in Colorado . They married and moved to New Mexico, where they raised a large family. Esther was 3/4 Native American. This Cowboy and Indian romance song of her and Ray was her favorite.

The song was performed by other artists, including "Cecil Ziebart " who delivered a top of the charts musical hit for 16 weeks in the late 1960's in The Eastern USA and Canada, earning "Rose of Cherokee" a gold label.

Rose of Cherokee also earned Esther Casteel recognition in "Who's Who" in Country Music and a Best Country and Western Writer Trophy.
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