Buyu {pronounced Bu-yu} which means "Seed" in Kiswahili, is a designer luggage brand that specializes in making timeless travel accessories. Buyu addresses the optimistic idea that great fashion could #carryon and sustain positive growth in developing countries.
Buyu collection is inspired by nature and the harmony of transitoriness.
Core concepts in our design is all things in life are transitory and there is beauty in the notion, it connects all of us.. all things are ephemeral, the idea of celebrating Time, it’s our last fleeting luxury.

Buyu is committed to innovation and craft and dedicated in how it transforms and impacts social economies in local communities,
and our natural surroundings.
Buyu is made from organic natural materials and dyes sourced in rural heart of Kenya, Africa. Utilizing age old hand weaving techniques and combining this with strong and resilient Baobab speciality fabric with leather makes Buyu collection the first
combination of Baobab fibre and leather in the travel accessory world.

Enjoy the Quest.

Shot in the beautiful island of Lamu, Kenya. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

Video + Editing - Oaklyn
Stylist - Joi Mechelle
Model - Shangazi
Title Graphics - Hello Kenya
Special Thanks:-
Boat Crew - Tuff Gong Lamu
Floating Bar - Lamu
Music - BLK JKS "STAND BY" Album After Robots

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