My submission for National Geographic's Expedition Granted

The Big Idea: A Hypervillage.

What is it? A rural revitalization community: A “starter culture” to ferment ideas for rebooting the human project and revitalizing planet earth. Experts say by 2050, 75% of population will live in urban centers. Rural America is experiencing extinction. An expedition is needed that explores a reboot of this vital system. The Hypervillage is a living model in rural America that will use new media technologies for exchanging project ideas, globally, with other starter cultures around the world, rebooting their villages and rural life. Issues of climate change, economic uncertainty, healthcare, biodiversity and food security will be the focus of the exploration.

The Journey:
1. Three Rivers Farm: startup farm in rural WA, growing organic food, herbal medicines, cooking,eating and preserving and sharing with local community.

2.The Market - Food and Culture Shed - : Purchasing (Slow Money investment model) the Welcome Grocery 1-mile from 3-Rivers Farm. Community food hub, and culture shed for Hypervillage. Organic, local community foods. Host idea bartering, classes on carbon sequestration, artisanal and primitive technologies, community investing, natural medicine-making, health care, healthy cooking.

The Show:  Earth 2.0 - Rebooting the Human Project  
webseries hosted on Brave New Earth TV at

About: Four people living and working together on a 14-acre farm on the Nooksack River, 20 miles outside of Bellingham, WA - the nations leader in community green power, and named #1 small city in urban process toward sustainability

Transmedia Storyteller:
Bruce Weaver has many early memories of a favorite uncle who traveled the world seeking treasure in exotic lands. Nomadic, he roamed the world, and each time he'd return home he would leave Bruce with vivid, intoxicating impressions, the way the National Geographic’s' he left behind like a calling- card did. The uncle vanished into thin air one day, never to be heard from again.

Now turning 50, Bruce has wandered the globe not unlike his mysterious uncle did, in search of treasures. Distinct from his uncle however, Bruce has sought the treasures of the heart, those that reveal our deepest purpose, searching out sacred teachings, mystics, elders, and primitive peoples living close to the natural world. Call it good fortune, karma or luck, Bruce has meet many spiritual teachers from a wide variety of traditions, each of whom have been the source of both guidance, and great inspiration. Today, these meetings with remarkable men inform his activities, yet always, Mother Earth and her organic rhythms, filled with profound wisdom the muse that inspires awe, and passion in his work.

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