If you will ask me - what I'm doing in Georgia? the answer will be simple - Growing.
I'm trying to touch and smell everything new what I find here every day. The more I growth the more I realize that I getting more and more goodness. And I think that I already am a millionaire of goodness and I'm a bit scared that I can use it in wrong way.
I can Imagine the mountains, sea, how birds are singing, but I can't imagine how much rich you can be with all feelings which you have.
Maybe it sounds like "bla bla bla", but I don't know how to say, how I feel my life, world, humans around me, how many thousands or billions butterflies dancing inside me.
I can cry and give my happiness tears for the dogs, which walking alone on the streets with pain inside, for the children who are afraid to say - I need a help, for flowers that they are blooming, for everyone who need it.
Never stop growing and share everything you have like a world doing it everyday.

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