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Axis Mundi - Alejandro Jodorowsky Necromancy - Excerpts 21' 16"

Live audiovisual performance in Átrium Film & Theatre (Átrium Film-Színház), Budapest, Hungary,
22nd December, 2013. "Axis Mundi" performance was the introductory event of the "Alejandro Jodorowsky Marathon" (exclusive film screenings of Jodorowsky's following films: "El Topo", "The Holy Mountain", "The Dance of Reality" and Frank Pavich's "Jodorowsky's Dune") organized by (Átrium, 2-4, January, 2014).

Concept: András Juhász, Zsolt Sőrés
Visual Performance: István Diák, András Juhász
Live Music: Christian Skjødt, Zsolt Sőrés (Ahad)
Performance: Imre Vass, Luca Szabados

Camera: Dániel Bálint, András Juhász
Stereo audio recording and mastering: Christian Skjødt
Video edited by András Juhász

Special thanks to Péter Bognár, Péter Donáth, Móni Polgár and Vilmos Vajdai.

DoN't Eat Group © 2013

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