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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices are poised to become the next big trend in the Internet of Things. Sadly, the use cases for BLEs read like a dystopian sci-fi novel. We deserve better.

"Doing It in Public" provides writers and artists a new narrative geo-spatial platform to deliver interesting, interactive, and immersive content to a mobile audience.

This site-specific installation can be experienced at the user’s pace as he or she explores a truly open-ended world constrained only by the author’s imagination. When in range of a BLE, a signal is sent to a phone to trigger the text, audio, video, image, or augmented reality portion of the author’s story. These stories are split into distinct parts triggered by “story web” nodes positioned throughout the city.

With as little as five BLEs, a myriad of new, non-linear design patterns are possible and authors can share BLEs for their own distinct stories.

Join us as we build the future of storytelling by re-purposing BLEs for the public sphere.

Read more: slideshare.net/lwoods211/i-beacon-presentation-slideshare-3-37409030
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