*Except when otherwise noted, all compositing, animation and design work in this reel was done by Lauren.
1. Hallway stop-motion animation with CG set extension. Camera tracking with PFTrack, CG pipes built in Maya.
2. Live action dolly camera move. Camera solved with PFTrack, green screen keyed in Nuke, background built in Maya from photography reference to stop motion set, final composite with AO pass in Nuke.
3. Live action crane shot. Keying and final composite in Nuke, background built in Maya.
4. Puppet walk cycle in front of cows on conveyer belt. CG set extension built in Maya, cows multiples and final composite done in After Effects.
5. Conveyer belt shot. Stop motion animation on conveyer belt, green screen keyed in Nuke, background built in Maya.
6. Camera moving down hallway pipe, going underground past more pipes, landing on stop motion puppet. Camera tracking in PFTrack, additional pipes built in Maya, final composite in After Effects. Puppet animation by Julian Petschek.
7. Yellow fire hydrant and underground pipes. Pipes designed, modeled, animated in Maya, final comp in After Effects.

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