You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Oh wait… wrong Apes film.

We figured it was finally time to give the age-old tale of man versus ape the historical significance it deserved — immortality via museum diorama! Complete with miniature burnt-out cop cars, period specific graffiti and tons of dry ice.

More Behind-the-Scenes:


Client: Adult Swim //
Agency: Boss Creative //
Creative Director: Daniel Garcia //

Production Company: Slanted Studios //
Director: Michelle Higa Fox //

DP: Chris Willmore //
Storyboard Artist: Richard Rodriguez //

Art Director: Rachel McIntosh //
Scenic Artists: Jonathan Ehrenberg //, Mickie Quinn Boggs //
Matte Painter: Mark Molnar //
Production Assistant: Stephanie Swart //

Compositing: David Hobizal //
Additional Design: Alex Mapar //
Color: Erin Kilkenny //, David Hobizal //

Special Thanks: Mixtape Club //, Aaron Lampell //

June 2014

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