The final film in a four part series called "Finish" for Verge Camp 2014.

On Screen:
Sydney McGuire (Runner) / Don Gray (Carpenter) / Song Writers (Johnny & Andrea Okwu, Adam Nelson)

Director: Phil Woodall.
Executive Producer: Scott Silcox
Camera A: Todd Shafer / Phil Woodall
Camera B: David Smith
Movi Operator: David Smith
Location Audio: Robbie Holder
Grip: Robbie Holder
Edit: Phil Woodall
Color Grade: Phil Woodall
Original Score/Music: Johnny Okwu
Voice-over: Reese Mitchell
Script: Daniel Jackson
Craft-services: Shanna Mitchell

Again? Yes.

Because with every end there is a new beginning and around every corner there is a chance to
start again.

“It is finished," He said with eyes pointed skyward.

Christ’s finished work on the cross was certainly an ending. Death’s destruction. The last breath
of satan’s hope. The crumbling wall between man and God.

“It is finished," He said.

But with those three words our story only begins to take shape.

It was the last page of the book, but not nearly the end of an epic series: our story was about to
begin; we pick up the mic where Jesus dropped it. The powerful play goes on, that we may
contribute a verse.

We will pour out our lives like a drink offering, just as Jesus did. We build our floor on His ceiling.
We stand on His shoulders. The spearhead has pierced the veil, and now we travel through
easily. We will walk where He has pioneered before us, and where the trail ends, and the woods
are wild again, we will begin.

So why do we finish? Why do we aim to end? To hear those simple yet all satisfying words “Well
done, my good and faithful servant?" Yes, but also because, like Jesus, there are others to
come, and where our road ends, theirs begin.

Who knows what dawn will rise from your dusk? Who knows what start our finish will begin?

It is not about the loss. Not about the win. Its about the beginning, the grit, and the end.

Finishing. All to start again.

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