The last bit close to destination Harsz with a lot of up and down. With overlays for speed, height and gradient. I ride again mostly my own comfortable speed, but I do meet up with Andy, who is doing some shopping in Pozezdrze.
Like all the other days and even on hotter ones, I ride with da Hood from SinnerBikes. Even my fellow gbsr riders are still not convinced, even though they saw me riding with it in +30degrC and blazing sun. But I have kept on pursuing the use of da Hood for ALL kinds of weather for years. So I knew that I would be fine with da Hood in all kinds of weather we might encounter during GBSR. Turned out that it was mostly sunny and warm with many days with hard headwinds. Da Hood made sure that I was quick and out of the sun. No sunburn or heat stroke for me! The ventilation still needs some refinement. For instance: on cold days it should be possible to close the vent hose. For additional cooling I ride without a shirt and spray water on my head when needed with a spray bottle. Of course, the higher the air speed, the more cooling. So on climbs when air speed plummets and my bodys' heat production goes up (higher effort means more heat production) I need at least to open the visor to get more cooling air. When the climb is too long, I need to put the hood on the top in front of me, so air can flow freely around me and I can put my arms outside the velo body to get even more cooling. This I can do while riding, because the speed while climbing is low enough to do this safely. The large side windows from the SinnerBikes hood also provide a lot of cooling.
On the flats, only during slow city viewing rides would I put the hood on the top in front of me, where it is held tightly by velcro.
Even though this is the perfect hood for touring, it is also very efficient for going fast!
In hindsight I recommend a white hood instead of a black carbon one. It may make the difference when standing still at traffic lights, because white reflects light, while black absorbs it and turns it into heat.

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