Show Notes for Episode 2 of The Geek Goddess Show:

Hosts: Geek Goddess (Estee Teo) and Geeky Prince (Peter Du)

1) Geek News Break - The major video sharing Websites in China:
- 优酷网
- 我乐网
- 悠视网
- 土豆网

- (Chinese: 土豆网) went live on April 15, 2005 and has grown into one of the world's largest content delivery networks with more than 40,000 new videos published daily, including amateur content such as videoblogging and user-generated videos, and professional content such as movie clips, TV clips and music videos from our content providers.
- Serves up to 360 Million Videos a week.
- Raised US$57 Million in the latest round of funding (US$85 million raised from the onset).
- Rebecca Fannin, author of "Silicon Dragon", tells about the huge warehouse of Tudou employees screening through video uploads for anti-government or other inappropriate content.
- Censorship happens in some form on all the video sharing sites. Videos on Google Video sometimes take 1 week to appear. YouTube has user flagging.

2) Asia Web Review - Creating your own chinese Facebook Clone
- Build a Facebook Clone using U-Home.
- You can download that at

Producer: We still couldn't get a good audio voice over for this segment. So rather than giving you crappy stuff, we've got some nice music to accompany the screen walk through.

3) Letters
- We received valuable feedback from Kevin Lim and friends. Listen to what they have to say.

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