In recent years, wine for many consumers has become too much of a symbol of status. In our opinion, an inordinate amount of emphasis is placed on what appellation a wine comes from, what score it got and from whom, or how much it costs.

Marietta Cellars doesn’t have a tasting room or a wine club. We don’t buy advertisements in wine magazines or enter wine competitions. We don’t make “trophy wines” nor do we charge “trophy wine” prices. That being said, our wine is allocated on release due to demand and routinely sells out prior to the next release. Our wines don’t sell because of ratings, because of the view from our tasting room, or because of a fancy label. Our wines sell because we make consistently great wine and we ask a very fair price.

Wine tastes good, goes great with food, and is relaxing after a hard day’s work. In short, it is a little thing that makes life better.
– Marietta Cellars

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