The Backward Call
Now, back to the idea of having what very few people have. God is calling you to be different. He is looking for someone He can use. God is looking for some heroes.
The media doesn’t give us a break either. Every magazine cover you see today has some super skinny, super good looking model or celebrity.
So when we hear that God is looking for heroes, we immediately start going over all of our best qualities. “Well, I’m not very handsome, but I’m not as ugly as that guy!” “I’m not a genius but I know how to tie my shoes!” “I’m not famous, but I have over 500 friends on FaceBook.”
We tend to equate the world’s qualifications for being a super star, with God’s qualifications to be his hero.
But the truth is, God’s qualifications are backward.

Bible Baptist Church, Darmstadt, Germany

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