According to The Guardian, "the death toll in Gaza has topped 1,400, with more than 40 people dying after another day of intense Israeli bombardment from air, sea and land."

It is said that up to 20% of these causalities are children. The following is in honor of these children whom are also viewed as "collateral damage".

About the performer: Aleph Null is both a modern dancer and butoh performer. Butoh is a postmodern Japanse dance form I learned in the Himalayan mountains (The Subbody School of Butoh, Dharamsala, India). For more information, visit my website at Also, don't forget to check out my other butoh videos.

The music is as follows:

Sad Song of the Wind by Empyrium
Dimension of Struggle by Children of Gaza
Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip by Muslimgauze
Roads under Ramallah by Sultan & Ned Shepard

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