Overview : Got a problem? Two Goombas are here for you! Forget about it!

Fun Fact : We should have brought the lapel mics, in the scene where Tiny Tim is dragging Ernesto the audio is nearly drowned out by the sound of the cardboard rubbing on the asphalt.

Ernesto's Take : The night before we shot this Taz and the other guy nailed it on this, it was so funny we decided to do a skit with this theme in mind. Unfortunately, when you turn a camera on people for the first time they seem to tense up and we didn't get the same performance as the night before.

Favorite Scene : Tiny Tim struggling to dump the body in the trash at the very end, I'd say he sold that it was a real body and not just an empty tarp stuffed with a blanket, but in truth he really is a 98 lb weakling!

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