We Believe:

+ The statistics are UNACCEPTABLE.
+ Each child DESERVES FULL ACCESS to every cancer-fighting tool available.
+ The health care system MUST DO BETTER in serving children and families.
+ Outcomes will improve if WE EXTEND OUR FOCUS to include non-toxic integrative therapies.
+ Nutritional, physical, stress-management, and sleep therapies MUST BE INCLUDED in all cancer treatment plans.
+ EVERY CHILD DESERVES these integrative therapies to support the highest quality of life, helping them get through treatment, heal, and reduce the side effects of cancer treatments that most often last a lifetime.
+ We are RELENTLESS in our commitment to THRIVING AGAINST THE ODDS.

About MaxLove Project:
Inspired by SuperMax Wilford, a seven-year-old superhero fighting brain cancer, MaxLove Project is a volunteer-powered, grassroots nonprofit organization founded to help SuperKids thrive against cancer and life-threatening conditions. Our mission is to provide families fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions with accessible, practical, and kid-friendly whole-body wellness. Our ultimate goal is to support SuperKids in overcoming the odds—to thrive in treatment and beyond. We believe that all kids should have full access to every cancer-fighting tool available, including excellent nutrition and therapeutic resources such as acupuncture, physical activity, and healing narratives.

MaxLove Project equips families to thrive within the pediatric healthcare system of today—where the standard of care for most life-limiting illnesses does not include essential integrative therapies—as we work to change the system of tomorrow. We are a community of dedicated change makers who believe in the power of integrative health care for all children.


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