All directed by Noriko Okaku

Extracts from:
Time Travel, Animation Sketch, 2010
Multifaceted, 2005
Diametric artimaid, 2003
Hall Ohara, AW Collection, 2008
A mole, 2003
Hall Ohara, SS Collection, 2009
Untitled, 2003
A Book, Animation Sketch, 2010
In Process, SS Collection, 2010
Hall Ohara, AW Collection, 2009
Hellobye, 2003
Miss Machine, Pop Queen PV, 2004
Mrs. Triangle, 2010
Space Shower TV, Ground opening & closing titles, 2003
Idiot, 2003
Sketch, 2004
Others, 2008
Something in between memories, 2010
Happy New Year, Animation Sketch, 2010

In Order of Appearance

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