Hey yall, its Malik Bannister @Malikacf . The latest piece I've been working on, and taking many breaks from, has been an interesting physical and mental journey, here's how I describe it on paper. A journey into the visual stimulation of one's mind, through the direct correlation of lyrics and expression thereof, through the medium of another's body movement; In short, lyrically-based hip hop dance.

For all you new-age hip-hop fans in the world I hope you've listened to Mac Miller's album "Watching Movies with the Sound Off". Assuming you have, or will after tho video, you've heard the song "Suplexes insides of Complexes and Duplexes", it's a rather distorted imagery of Miller's recent woe's and worries about his life as a hip-hop artists. The overall feel is eclectic, resembling a Kid Cudi production with the brashness of a song by Tyler the Creator. I specifically chose this song because Miller make's a few valid points that are shrouded in expletives. The message he presents may not be as easy to accept because of the harsh delivery however, this a struggle for many passionate artists such as myself. The lyrics present their own story and I've made it a challenge to capture that within the movements so one can WATCH the screen, HEAR the lyrics, and FEEL the artist.

So without further delay, The #Dxpeshow presents: “Detailed Dance Descriptions” Pt. I

Song: Mac Miller- Suplexes Inside Complexes and Duplexes
Dancer/choreographer: Malik Bannister
Shot by: Mark Svodoba

Special Shoutout to everyone in Richmond, VA who’s been supporting! You all mean a very great deal to me, my heart, and my career. Much Love for the city!!

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