FLYSURFER rider Peter Mueller has improved his kitefoil (hydrofoil riding with a kite) riding a lot over the past months, the stoke he has for this new and rapidly becoming more popular part in the kiteboarding sport is incredible.

When kitefoiling, you ride full power with a hydrofoil, mounted below a kiteboard and then the rider "hovers or floats" above the water and is riding at blazing speeds upwind and downwind, Peter made this special slomotion part on tacking and gybing with the kite hydrofoil, showing exactly which steps to follow in this how-to video. Peter uses the Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus from 8.0 till 15.0m to gain maximum performance out of of his kite & foil combination in all wind conditions.

Peter is supported by:
Flysurfer Kiteboarding -
Levitaz Kitefoils
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