[Nomadic Drift] is Team of 3 artists from each genre of Fine Art - Dance, Music, Video(Produce).
We Dance, We Sing, We Make, something new based on where we are.

'Waiting Room' is one of the performing at Culture Station Seoul 284.

so contact us, and invite us to your places.
we can go anywhere, anytime. wherever on earth.


or whenever, mail us via : visualsfrom@gmail.com
or call through +82 10 9605 3445

the team of multi-genre artists

Minhong Kim : Music
Goeun Kwak : Dance(choreography)
Jinsoo Chung : Video

feat. in this song : Jaekyu Lee, Hongap Kim
feat. in this dance : Sookyoung Lee

& thanks to : Seoryoung Kim, Director of 284 Station

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