10 mins Short-Shorts Compilation.
Just wrapped an intensive on Digital Filmmaking and Motion Graphics course with The School of Visual Arts' 2014 Summer Program in NYC.
Passionate High School students came from around the world to participate. It was an extraordinary experience to listen to their stories, see where they were coming from and guide them through storytelling fundamentals. We used After Effects and good ole practical visual and special effect best practices to pull off presenting an evocative piece that would play before a live audience in the SVA theatre in under 3 weeks.

This course clarified for me,on a heart level, how much you can learn from kids if you find away to empower them to express themselves with vigor.
And on a technical level how effective Stop-Motion is to building story-telling, filmmaking and animation chops. It's very quick, relatively inexpensive, and taps into a very base, and naturally intuitive space. That childlike tactile feel of what you are working with is something we always want to be playing, when we have more money spend and fancy tools. The level they were operating at with tools that were tactile was pretty mindblowing. I saw alot of neurons fire up when these kids could get in there and get their hands dirty BEFORE, getting enveloped in the Digital, VFX, and Editing stuff.



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