This short documentary drives across the following points:

Rape is not just about sexual frustration.

Gender Policing also leads to rapes.

By definition, Gender Policing means forcing a man to 'act like a man' or forcing a woman to 'act like a woman' (and forcing need not be direct forcing; it could also be in the form of rewarding someone only because he / she behaves as per the societal norms).

The same mindset that feels like rewarding a person of a particular sex to act like their gender, is not very different from the mindset that feels like punishing one when one does not - and in its extreme form, this punishment takes form of rapes.

Mild or innocent or even unintentional form of gender policing happens all the time - everywhere. For example when a boy bullies a girl is school, the girl is often told 'boys will be boys' (which is gender policing because it passes on the signal to boys that for a boy to be a boy, he should be aggressive).

Just because we do gender policing with good intentions, does NOT mean it is okay to do so! Because every time we do gender policing, every time we ask a man to 'stop acting like girl', we actually culminate and propagate and validate the justification of so many rapists ('she was dressed like that - she was asking for it', 'she was drunk and out late in the night, she needed to be punished' etc.)

If we Indians, can change our attitude towards gender policing (by first becoming aware of it and then trying to stop doing it completely), it will lead to lesser rapes. It might not stop rapes that happen purely because of sexual urge, but it would definitely bring down rapes that are rooted more in the social 'mindset' context.

I have blogged about this documentary here:

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