Jason Conley joined me for Night Cap #8.

Jason is a singer/songwriter and the founder of Create Michigan. Create MI -- createmi.com/ -- is a website "designed to bring together artists, writers, film-makers, actors, and musicians from the great state of Michigan." It's not a social network though; it's a project profiling those artists in the same way as would a big outlet like Rolling Stone. The goal is promotion, collaboration, and the organizing of Michigan's large and diverse network of creative people.

My conversation with Jason spanned many topics, from his personal history as an artist, to the scope and emotion of Detroit's art scene, and all the way from CreateMI's birth to its ambitions in the future.

You can follow Jason and CreateMI @CreateMichigan on Twitter, on their Facebook page, via their YouTube channel, and on their Instagram feed.

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Originally recorded on May 8, 2014. Featured music: "Rewind" by Flint Eastwood

0:01:31 -- How CreateMI got started
0:02:50 -- Jason's confidence in his own music
0:04:45 -- What got Jason into music
0:06:18 -- How writing differs from playing music
0:07:49 -- Taking a "musical approach" to editing
0:09:24 -- Don't be a struggling artist -- push through the struggle
0:14:04 -- What happened when expensive equipment got stolen
0:14:50 -- How art, film, & music kept Jason in Michigan
0:16:35 -- Why creative people shouldn't compete on the internet
0:22:36 -- It's important to build a strong team
0:24:35 -- What CreateMI has meant to Jason & his skills
0:27:03 -- What's next after CreateMI's fundraising campaign
0:28:21 -- Detroit's creative scene is historic and growing
0:35:58 -- Artists should build on the past, work together
0:39:05 -- Jason and I advertise for Detroit
0:41:19 -- How CreateMI organized a benefit concert of the homeless
0:46:04 -- How Jason stays authentic & how we can too
0:48:39 -- What gets Jason Conley out of bed

- CreateMI's fundraising campaign on Indiegogo: indiegogo.com/projects/www-createmi-com#home
- Jason's 2013 blog post about his inspirations: createmi.com/inspiration/

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