A Timelapse/ Hyperlapse Short Film of Melbourne Australia

I recently returned home from spending the first half of 2014 in beautiful Melbourne Australia. While studying photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology I was given a unique opportunity to combine what I was learning there with my film background in the States. This is the product of my opportunity. This was certainly a learning experience for me and if I could go back I may do some things differently. Having said that, I am proud of this project and hope you enjoy it! I welcome constructive criticism. If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to ask!

This project was not completed without a fair share of adversity. I had cops called on me, was rained off location. I even had a computer crash and lost many shoots. Thankfully I had most footage on an external drive.

This short film was taken from:
-8,159 photograph’s
-88 different timelapses
-over 50 shoots
-approx. 150 total hours of work

Feel free to download the original file! I know its large but it will be tack sharp!

-Canon 5d Mark iii
-Canon 17-40mm F4L
-Canon 70-200mm F2.8L
-Canon 85mm F1.2
-Tripod and Intervalometer!

Official Website: SamWoozFilm.com

Email: SamWoozFilm@gmail.com

Instagram: @SamWooz

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