Unity Publishing is a next generation automated shareholder report publishing solution that allows the Financial Reporting team to take back control from the typesetter to eliminate the risk and uncertainty traditionally involved in the shareholder report production process.

Relying on a typesetter to create stylized content has long been a control challenge with which Financial Reporting teams have been forced to deal. Each time the data has to leave the financial reporting system for formatting and layout by the typesetter, the risk of inadvertent changes is introduced. Multiply this by multiple author's alterations and drafts required in review cycle and the risk becomes even more substantial.
Unity Publishing allows fund officers to more confidently certify each shareholder report, knowing that the reports will be free of typesetter errors.

For the Financial Reporting team, Unity Publishing dramatically reduces the effort involved to complete the shareholder reports by eliminating manual formatting and time-consuming line-by-line draft review cycles. As a result, financial statements are prepared on the Financial Reporting team's timetable, not the typesetter's.

For more information visit us online at confluence.com

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