Quelitu 14.04 is an ideal replacement for expired Windows XP and slow Windows Vista. It is a fast and free Computer Operating System (OS).

Quelitu is a fast, user-friendly, and lightweight computer operating system based on Ubuntu-Lubuntu Linux. You can use it to upgrade an old Windows PC to faster speeds and up-to-date software or to transform it into a fun/educational tool for children. But, it is also great on new PCs or barebone computers that do not come with an operating system preinstalled.

It is easy to use and significantly improves the performance of XP and Vista PCs and may also have advantages over Windows 7 & 8.

It offers a choice of several desktop environments (Regular, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Notebook, Kids, and Enlightenment E17) as well as advanced appx like Qx Hub, an HUD for quickly accessing files, programs, configuration options, and doing search on the web from the desktop.

This is an overview of and and basic tutorial for Quelitu 14.04 (July 2014). Please consider supporting us with a donation.

For more information and installation instructions, visit Waves of the Future

Donations, Download, & Release Notes Page:

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