Guerilla War, Mighty Weapons Pulling down Strongholds Prophecy Headline News

Today’s show finds us in Guerilla warfare living in the wickedness of Perilous times. It is here that the Remnant believers in Yeshua find this Guerilla War in the flesh and carnal; but spiritual with Mighty weapons to the Pulling down of Strongholds.

You won’t find these secrets on Rush, Noury, Jones, Prager, Levin, Hannity, Ramsey, Beck, Ingraham, Colmes, Medved, or Imus in the Morning. No, it is not a battle after the flesh! Join us for this special broadcast of Prophecy Headline News at noon!

Show Key Tags: Guerilla War, Perilous times, Mighty Weapons, pulling down of strongholds, Remnant, Believers, Yeshua, Last days, Prophecy News, headline news, Middle East news, America news,

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