exquisite_code is a project designed to interrogate notions of read/run processes in a
collaborative writing/coding experiment.
Seven international participants worked 8 hours/day
for 5 days generating text-prompts, text chunks and edit-software in micro-sessions on a
local network of computers.
Text chunks were produced in response to the writers prompts made at the end of each micro-session, and after the bespoke and reconfigurable edit-
software has been applied to the chunks.
Selected chunks were added to the 'positive
text dump' from which the 'life-novel' will be produced, while the remainder of the
chunk-data was sent to a 'waste dump' (for use in the final nights launch performances).

The edit-software (Python) itself was interrogated and re-written in scheduled code writing sprints by
participants, and all materials were on live public display at all times (via projectors, CRT
monitors, line printer output), all discussions recorded to tape, and the experiment visually recorded via a static time lapse camera.

The project culminated in a final night launch with extracts of the 'life-novel' presented
to the public through human-machine readings, performances and détournements made
by participants and invited artists from the weeks accumulated dump materials.

Publication of all code, prompts and text making the novel will be by way of print-on-demand
publication in collaboration with Openmute.org and will included a recording on cdrom of the
launch night performances.

see exquisite-code.com

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