2 channel video installation. 2014, 14 minutes, Made in collaboration with Nida Sinnokrot. Special thanks Keith Sanborn, Robert Weston, Sahar Qawasmi, Bashar Saadeh, Dimitri Karkar and A. M. Qattan Foundation.
Text reference Eyal Weizman.

Driving around the occupied West Bank late at night proved to be an adventure constrained by the geopolitical landscape. It was instructive to experience ‘on the ground’ how the road barriers, check points, settler fences, separation wall and military blockades made us comply, turn back and gave us some understand of how corralled the people are under military rule. Featured is the Israeli built (US built or perhaps German built?) tunnel that is the only entry and exit point for the enclaves of Biddu that allows for travel encircled as they are now by the separation Wall that gates the settlement blocks. The tunnel travels under the so-called seam zone, a buffering no-man’s land and an Israeli bypass road that services the settlers’ commute to work or shopping expeditions into Jerusalem. Empty, haunted and surreal these are some of the nighttime landscapes on the political edge of the territory.

The erotic undertones of the use of the term ‘kissing point’ is something to consider. The term has been used in negotiation and military/urban planning to define the points where the two (enemy) territories must touch if the land is to be shared -the contact points necessary to articulate the labyrinthine jumble of ownership and control. The occupied West Bank is full of these points of contention that threaten its sovereignty: not only on the recognizable surface plane of the road, but up in air space and tunneled deep into the earth.

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