This is the introduction to what C4 Culture is all about.

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Creating a C4 Culture is interactive training that focuses on helping individuals gain a better understanding of communication, chemistry, consistency, and creativity (C4) and how to apply it to their daily lives. When combined C4 is extremely powerful and can transform individuals, students, classrooms, schools and institutions. Sacramento City College 's Health Services staff aims to help individuals develop tools that lead to motivated, dedicated, and hard-working students; therefore creating a pedagogical culture.

Sacramento City College's Health Services believes each and every student has greatness inside them.
Creating a C4 Culture provides a framework for students to develop concrete leadership skills that immediately transfer to the classroom and community. The training is set-up like a football game and has four quarters of non-stop action. Sacramento City College's Health Services is committed to helping individuals sustain the "tools" developed from the workshop and offers a workbook to reinforce positive choices, one action at a time.
What people say about "Creating a C4 Culture,"

"For the past 5 years, Jeff Christian has played an integral role in motivating the students of Sacramento City College's Summer Success Academy (SSA) Program -- our high school to college summer bridge program. The C4 experience has proven to be one of the most memorable experiences for our students. Jeff's obvious dedication to student success has a lasting effect. In particular, the interactive nature of the C4 experience has helped SSA students form a bond with each other that proves to be helpful in their college careers and beyond. The passion displayed in each of his C4 presentations is contagious. Jeff has also adapted the C4 experience to meet the particular needs of our varied populations, integrating popular culture, outdoor activities and student involvement in a way that captured our audiences. I can confidently recommend Jeff Christian and his C4 experience!"

Ken Times, EOPS Counselor at Sacramento City College
For more information on Creating a C4 Culture contact Jeff Christian at (916) 558-2368 or at

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