This project was inspired by the natural beauty of one the UK's National Parks. Despite living in a city, Dartmoor National Park begins only a few miles from my doorstep. Always wanting to explore the park, I bought a map, did a lot of online research, then headed out into the wilderness on my own to shoot a film that would showcase the natural beauty of the park. Over 4 months (late spring and summer) I lugged large amounts of kit over all sorts of terrain to reach the remote locations you see in the film, and shot somewhere between 30,000-40,000 individual shots. What you see here is my favourite sequences, distilled down to just under 2 and half minutes.

I would like to extend my thanks to Dustin Farrell (@Dustin_Farrell) who is one of the kings of time lapse photography and has produced a number of extremely useful tutorials that I watched over and over before undertaking this project. He was also kind enough to answer tweets which really helped with the project. Please check out his work, it is amazing.

The film is here in full HD so please watch it full screen with the sound up.
You can watch the 4K version here:

All individual 4K clips are available for licensing. Please feel free to contact me

The track used is called Kings by the hugely talented Rayn Taubert and was licensed through

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