Created by Mike Dopsa & Maria Magovskaia, 'The Mistake' is a the story of a boyfriend (Ryan Weatherby) learning that his Girlfriend (Sam Leigh) has been unfaithful. What follows are the hypothetical scenarios of the future that he thinks of in that moment.

Written, Cast, and filmed in less than 5 Days, with a Cast/Crew of 4, and a budget of $0, this film is the exemplification of what a group of dedicated talent can do with little time and resources.

FIlmed using;
Canon Rebel T2i (550D)
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 55-250 IS II &
Rokinon 85mm T1.5 CINE *Side Note- This lens is amazing. 1:39, 2:05, 2:32-2:42, 4:12*

Music Generously Provided;
"Past Mistakes" - Samantha Marie Driedger (
"This Party" - Final Thought (
"Swine" - Bryce Lea (TYPO IN VIDEO)

Cast & Crew;
Writers & Directors - Mike Dopsa & Maria Magovskaia
Cinematography & Editing - Mike Dopsa
Audio Capture - Maria Magovskaia
Boyfriend - Ryan Weatherby
Girlfriend - Sam Leigh
Party Girl - Mija Macdonald
Extras & Cameo - Megan Barnes, Destinee Perry, Katie Marple, Mike Dopsa

Orillia Film Festival - Best Teen Film

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