*Update* Thanks for all the "Likes" and comments, VERY encouraging. For more of my stuff check out my newest project:
Fifty People, One Question: vimeo.com/1737450


28mm with IndiRailsPro20 (Upside Down). I really need stabilization. 28mm f2.0

-Excellent lighting. The sun was setting.
-Good lens- 28mm 2.0 is my goto lens. Definitely
-Solid Rig. IndiRailsPro20. Best purchase for my rig so far.

-My image was flipped. But, now I resolved this issue by doing a LCD flip hack.
-Still not zoomed in enough, I had to zoom into the footage with premiere.
-Need follow focus, even though it is solid, cannot rack focus without a follow focus.
-Beer on the 50mm haha.
-Need a glidecam/flycam system. Shots are still not stable. Maybe a mono pod- just need something to where I can quickly move to get stable/ interesting angles. Any suggestions?

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