Conformists is a story about losing control. It questions why we behave the way we do and how sometimes it is impossible to free ones self from intense feelings of hate and jealousy. It is about the inner voice inside us all, the one that holds prejudice and tells us a person is despicable. We witness the fraught encounter between a group of strangers, all of whom are dissatisfied with life and looking for someone to blame. They choose to take their frustration out on someone who is different... but all is not what it seems.

A genius short film! Brilliantly executed with fantastic videography, superb editing, organic acting, amazing script, intermixed with nice close up shots. The ending is so cool with the special effects... you got to go see for yourself!
Ms Cottoor, Executive Artistic Director, New York International Independent Film Festival

Winner of Best Screenplay at The San Francisco Short Film Festival 2010

Winner Best London Film at The Portobello Film Festival 2010

Written & directed by Juriaan Booij
Cast: Kay Headley, Robert Emmanuel, Rob Talbot & Tom Bonington
Director of photography: Justin Brown
Music: Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott
Editor: Juriaan Booij

© 2009, 19 minutes

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