“Pushing through the darkness” is a short video project about skateboarding in the city night.
Practicing skateboarding during the daylight hours is the normal routine for skateboarders: they meet at the skatepark to chill with the friends and to play game of S.K.A.T.E. match or to try to learn new tricks. Especially during the summer, when the days are hotter and longer and just try to do a kick flip makes you sweat, discovering the city night with your best friends is the best thing to do as skateboarder. Night session can be the best option to skate with a cooler temperature, with less traffic, and to access some skate spots that are off limits during the day. When the sun sets and the night falls over the streets, skateboarders begin their night life. Sharing passions and challenges practicing skateboarding can become something special, something rare and unforgettable. Approaching a night session as a skateboarder is different from a normal daytime session: there are many difficulties in practicing during nightime and darkness obviously being the main one.
Trying to focus on a trick is harder, solving the problems on the in run, on the landing or on the sketchy flat, and generally navigating the spot are more difficult. For all these reasons concentration, determination and perseverance must be at their highest during a night session.This is what makes a simple grind down a rail or a tech line on a street curb special, intense and amazing.
This project lays between the action-sports video and the documentary genres. Focusing on the emotions and the intense relationship between skateboarders and the streets of their cities, “Pushing through the darkness” gives a bright vision of skateboarding in the city night.

Name of the project: “Pushing through the darkness”
Director: Silvio Ottonello
Produced by: DLQ creative factory
Sport: skateboarding
Protagonists: skateboarders based in Liguria (Italy) - skateboarders in general Location: mainly street spots and local skateparks in Liguria
Supported by: Homies Skateshop - Skatetoua crew - Wild Skateboarding - Alone Collective
Soundtrack: “Pushing through the darkness” produced by Disorder Logo design: Leandro Muda - Makeimage

more info at this link:

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