This is the story of Wongyu. He is a Seoul native that has been skating for a long time and has witnessed the skate scene change. He still skates today and loves it just as much as he always has. The skate scene never blew up here like it did in Japan and China. Korea has managed to stay off the radar. So we follow him through what he has seen and what he is noticing nowadays. Lately there has been a sudden surge of skaters in Korea. Wongyu will take us to legendary spots such as cult, where skaters won a battle with the city. The government wanted to turn it into a parking lot but the skaters banded together and got the city to declare it a skatepark. So a street spot with perfect ledges and stairs now has a box and some ramps and can be skated anytime.

He also shows us newer spots with flawless marble. Seoul is a very modern city and is always building something new and smooth. He also talks about the Korea’s first indoor skatepark that opened just last year.

Wongyu has wanted to see skaters rise and get better ever since he started. Now is possibly the time. There has never been a major Korean skate video before and more skaters are starting to film. With access to the Internet, it is only a matter of time before more western skaters come to Korea and start filming. The spots here are like hidden gems. Wongyu even says that he wants westerners to come to Korea and inspire us.

This documentary will hopefully help show the world that there is so much to skate here in Korea. It is like a brand new spot waiting to be skating. The people of Seoul think skateboarding is a fad, and skateboards are toys. They don’t take it seriously so there are no laws against skating and no concept of skate stoppers. The city is a playground just waiting to be discovered.

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Sean Conley
Written by Serey Siv
Translated by Hoeun Choi
Music: Almeeva "Echoes"
Special Thanks to: Wongyu Kim
Human Drive Productions 2014

Shot on a Canon 5D MKII with a Tokina 20-35 f/2.8, canon 50 f/1.4, zenitar 16 f/2.8, hexanon AR 135 f/3.5, and hexanon AR 80 f/3.5 with Magic Lantern. Edited on Premiere Pro CS6.

This is part of a mini-documentary contest:

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