The first addition to many more adventures to come, a last-minute road trip to Silverwood Theme Park. It was a 5-hour drive across the state to make it to Athol, Idaho with my companions Doreen, Maria, Margaret, Jon, Abe, & Dane. Though I didn't get to record much of my time at the theme park (too busy having fun), I definitely enjoyed every minute I spent there. Feeding my need for thrill on the Panic Plunge, the Timber Terror, Tremors, the Spin Cycle, and the Afterschock. Definitely a great trip!

Jon - for driving us there & back
Arleen - fir hooking us up with tons of food
Maria - for sending me videos of us on the rides
Margaret - for planning & paying for me (free loader)

SONG: The Temper Trap - Fader
**cideo also featured on my youtube @michelledele0n

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