Broodje Bert by toby&tunc

Episode #1 - New Client

It's not easy to work as a duo. But if it works? You can nail down any creative process easily. Like toby&tunc. They work as a creative team in an advertising agency called wieden+kennedy in Amsterdam. Broodje Bert is their first unofficial client. It's a small breakfast&lunch cafe in the center of the city. The cafe is quite famous within a small circle and is run by 2 brothers from Turkey. They don't care about how they look from outside - they care about their amazing sandwiches. toby&tunc said:

'For us, it doesn't matter if it's a big client or a small client, let's just do it.'

First meetings with clients are always tricky. They call this meeting a 'Tissue Session' in the advertising world. To be honest toby&tunc did a good job - it seems like their client is convinced about how they are seeing their shop. toby&tunc has a goal in this season, you will know it in episode#1. toby&tunc is asking in this short film:

How can someone own their own identity? What are the advantages of an identity?

It seems like toby+tunc are happy, their client is happy, everyone is happy. What more do we want?

Special thanks to Sanne van Hecke for his broadcast tricks.


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