Steve Boi eyewear collection could be defined as extravagant with a hint of Gang under-culture. So for this project I worked with the concept of fashion as seen in a Vogue-ing contest in contrast with urban industrial decay. Juxtaposing a graphic and elegant look in black and white and a background of extreme industrial and isolated locations. Inspired by sharp movements in Vogue-ing we worked with Gustavo Mañas the director on a game of time lapse editing, so a sort of choreography builds up in the film combining time, posing and locations.

director: Gustavo Lopez Mañas
creative director CARLOTA SANTAMARIA
produced by LORENA PARRA
clothing accessories by STEVIE BOI
starring in order of appearance,THAI S @ ONE Management, BARBIE BENTON, RILEY MURPHY, Barbie and Reley hair and make up by JEYFREE, Barbie and Reley styled by MUSH of Fly Credentials,
Thai hair and Make up by HEATHER CONLAN
Thai styled by AMANDA PROCTOR
music by THE KVB

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