This is the bicycle musical about the City. The main story line concentrated on the Rickshas and musicians of New York. From the squares where people play music to the streets with BikeTaxis /and yellow cabs as well/ and parking lots where Rickshas are hidden we travel through this city visiting 5th Ave, Ground Zero and Video Music Awards.

Inspired by the film "J1 Experience" ( and also by the material shot specially for film "Coming Back to Life" in New York this film shows the New York from two points of view.

Although the images are disconnected by time /parts were shot in 2006 by Alexander Formos and parts in 2009 by Marat Kilmukhametov/ they are connected by the locations, places and experiences of New York City.

These images show how New York is inhabited by the all kinds of slaves that make this City so busy and frustrating. All are exploiting New York in their own way, trying to keep the legacy going /and in hopes to make a buck/, but at the same time - all people are exploited by New York just to drive attention to this place by those who has the money and still hope to find the sparks there /but I guess the sparks there never end/.

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