Hekmet Fahmy and Mary Queenie RABAB 1942حكمت فهمى ( RABAB 1942….9:16 minutes)
From the 1942 film Rabab with Egyptian actress/dancer Hekmet Fahmy and Lebanese actress Mary Queeny. Hekhmet Fahmy was one of Cairo's most famous and sought after bellydancers and she worked at both Mary Mansour's sala on Emad el Din Street where she had star billing and at Badia Masabni's sala as well. She moved in high society circles and was invited to dance in several countries. Hekmet Fahmy was from an older generation of dancers, before Samia Gamal and Taheya Carioca, and before the heyday of Egyptian film. Which is why not much footage of her exists. 
Mary Queeny was a Lebanese actress who resided in Cairo and made a career there as an actress and producer. Her main success was as a producer and she in fact produced many well known Egyptian films. Mary Queeny was the neice of famed film producer Assia Dagher.

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