"Created for the Weekend Challenge: vimeo.com/groups/weekendchallenge";;

The Entirety of this film was filmed in Cannock Chase, Hence the 'Chasing' Colours. I had an absolute blast just hunting for lots of different colours and the unusual places you could find them, I never would have thought to have found an orange tree.
To be honest walking through a forest. I would have thought it would just be green..

Equipment used:
Canon 600D
Revolve Travel Tracks
Revolve Dolly

'This weekend, we're asking you to show us your interpretation of the visible spectrum — create a video inspired by ROYGB(I)V! You'll need to show or portray each of the six (or seven) colors in the rainbow with at least six (or seven) shots, but feel free to use more if hue feel inspired.'

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