Japanese indie piano rock band, YELLOW STUDS, to release 2 albums on 20th August 2014.

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CINEMA FESTIVALS in Europe with Yellow Studs’ movie are coming soon in 2014.
World debut movie trailer - vimeo.com/102465201

YELLOW STUDS is a Japanese, indie, piano, jazz, garage, blues, rock band based in Tokyo, performing at venues, various music festivals throughout the country. What makes this band even more unique is the vocalist Taichi Nomura’s rare, husky voice. They, who have already released 6 albums in Japan, all of whose oneman concerts in 2013 had sold out, are now finally on their way to make a huge impact in Europe and the whole world with their 2 albums, [shower] and [curtain] !!!

1. ロック / Rock - vimeo.com/103595880
2. 言葉にならない / inarticulate - vimeo.com/103236872
3. ヤモリ / Gecko
4. 竹とんぼ / Bamboo-copter
5. カナリヤ / Canary
6. 赤いレスポール / Red Les Paul
7. 馬鹿が悲しい顔をしている / A fool is looking sad
8. 8
9. D
10. 10分前 / 10min left
11. 言えよ / Say it
12. マスイ / Anesthesia
13. 何でもない唄 / A good-for-nothing song
14. ラブホテル / Love Hotel

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Power ◎
Speed ◎
Sound ◎
Looks ◎
Painfulness ◎
Edginess ✿
A cool band that you go “great!” seeing them live!
BY Kota Igarashi 五十嵐 公太 (ex. JUDY AND MARY)

Listening to the songs, reading the lyrics or listening to the sounds, they always make me feel something. Worth buying!!
BY Matchan (Ken Yokoyama / Ken Band)

A voice that catches my attention, melodies that catch my attention, arrangements that catch my attention, Yellow Studs that catches my attention. A “band” that catches my attention!
BY Samon (Geta Karubi / Shizuwo Band / Takeban) サモン(ゲタカルビ / シズヲバンド / タケバン)

In the middle of night in a city, a far, red neon sign is blinking on and off.
I somehow always got that sight every time I listened to them live.
Personally I like the last song “Love Hotel” the most.
And vo. Taichi is the same age as me. Yet we still use honorifics to eachother.
BY Nobuhiro Tsurube (Odoro Matilda) ツルベノブヒロ (踊ろうマチルダ)

Wanna listen melting in the dark of the night!!

Genial… Yet powerful!! Gooood!!
BY TO-BU (Lolita No.18 ロリータ18号)

Here contain songs just like we got stories with a variety of views gathered.

The feeling that came to me listening with my eyes closed is the best feeling as if flying on noisy and broad streets on a burly bike!!
Only, I don’t have a license.
BY Naoki Endo (Hoover’s ooover) 遠藤ナオキ (フーバーオーバー)

Their new album is full of songs that hold a certain world in it well enough we could shoot PVs for all the songs.
Makes me feel like having watched a decent short movies collection.
A piece of work that makes me want to tell friends “Yellow Studs’ new album is good!”
BY Takumi “Mr. Mondo” Nakamura 中村"Mr.Mondo"匠 (THE NEATBEATS)

Smoky vocal smoldered with rock, blues and jazz. If this voice was aired on the radio your ears would definitely be delighted.
BY Mark (FM nagasaki Radio DJ)

Only “Yellow Studs" stopped my K-POP heavy rotation on my car stereo!
I, almost 50, felt something that struck my heart.
BY Suton 修豚 (30%LESS FAT)

This album contains various sounds and styles.
I’m very much looking forward to what this band is going to be!!
BY Hideto Kano (Gedo) 加納秀人 (外道)

An album that I listened towithout budging an inch till the end for the first time in a while.
You get to see scenery in the head, those are good songs.
I got motivated, regardless of being in Japanese music scene, rock scene that’s been being disappointed at.
Thank you!!
BY SHIZUWO (NEW ROTE’KA) シズヲ (ニューロティカ)

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