Wreck-less challenges the norm that cars should look solid and safe.
Two, Wreck-less challenges the assumption that autonomously-driven cars need
to be all about safety and convenience, like a living room on wheels.
Instead, Wreck-less uses vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and smart software
to create a seamless driving experience between the driver and artificial
intelligence. By offering the safety of autonomy while enhancing the thrill of
driving, the driver can push their own limits as far as they dare -- the software
takes over gently only to prevent collisions.
Wreck-less creates a form that is distinguishably different from today’s safety-
oriented cars which reflect their safety structure visually.
Thats's right: Gone are the days when the test dummies are the biggest form-
defining factors of them all.
Instead of safety, Wreck-less is daring; instead of protective, Wreck-less is light
and vulnerable.
By stripping the car down from features like pillars, crumble zones, air bags,
bumpers and heavy structural materials, all that remains is a drive train and a
suspended cockpit. It conects the driver to the road like never before with the
ground passing below their feet as the car speeds.
Wreck-less brings back the lightness, freedom and carelessness before the era
of safety implementations. Because the future can be light, agile and, yes, fun.

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