Amálgama is the result of a study over Polyamory theme. These was my first academic work involving dance and film direction at Performing Arts course in Federal University of Santa Catarina, was for a class named: Directing Actors for Film. Teacher: Rodrigo Garcez.

The conclusion of this project only was possible with other students and friends who also passionately was engaged in the study of the scene and filmography. Amálgama aimed to provide a poetic look at the interaction of bodies dancing and representing a scene theater in front of cameras, it was also stimulated by the studies of expression and body movement communication between the actors with camera along 2 months.

Actors: Gregori Homa , Lidiane Mesquita e Telemakos G. Endler

Director: Clara Tavares
Production: Ellen Lorrayne
Production Assistant: Karen Kremer
Photography: Tamiris Moraes
Assitentes of photography: Aitor Fernández Cotelo and Lydian Zé Zé Ramalho Jussier
Costumes: Natalia Caroline Hoegen
Lighting: Gabriel Guedert

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