Beacon is based on a short poem I wrote after filming the majority of this footage. I went to the ocean to film without a story, a plan or even a solid idea of what I wanted to make. I knew I wanted to get some stock footage and come out of the experience with a story of sorts. Five days of shooting with over 2TB of footage and no plan.

As I started looking at the footage a story came to mind. More of a poem than anything. I asked my compadre Lenny Mordarski to wake up at 2:30am to accompany me on one of my ocean visits. He was going to be my assistant as I lugged around 75lbs of gear each time and made about 25-30 trips to and from my car to the shore at each location. I ended up shooting a few scenes with him.

I shot this on the Photron BC2 HD high-speed camera at 250-2000fps, the Canon 1Dc 4K DSLR, and a GoPro Hero 3+. Lenses used were the 300mm Tamron SP (the main lens used on 50% of the shots), a 50mm Nikon AI and a 16mm Rokinon in Nikon mount. A DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse was used for all the aerial shots. I expected it to crash into the sea at any moment so I transferred footage after each flight incase I didn't see it again.

Other gear used was the Kessler Crane ( ) Carbon Fiber Stealth, Berno tripod, Manfrotto 516 head.

Locations: Nubble Light in York ME, Portland Head Light in Portland ME, Bug Light in Portland ME, Ram Island Light in Portland ME, Whaleback Light in Portsmouth NH and Portsmouth Harbor Light in Portsmouth NH, RockStacks in Rye NH

Shot, written and edited by: Michael N Sutton / @MNS1974

Music Licensed via The Music Bed
Composition/Master: Did You Feel It
Artist: Dexter Britain

Contact: Michael Sutton
email: mike at frozenprosperity dot com
phone: listed on website
twitter: @MNS1974

Special thanks to: Heather Sutton, Mike Cohen, Lenny Mordarski, Daniel McCarthy, Chris Beller and Eric Kessler.

BEACON by Michael N Sutton

All of my life, I knew only of prairie. Milk, wheat and hay. Flatlands with miles of same.

Our great waters shed towards something greater…and further away.
I followed it and it brought me a new beginning.

Offered here is a less corrupted view.
Cold brisk water, cut with a warm salty breeze replaces my pastures.

My escape from things I’d seen, done and heard. Behind me.

So many changes have passed since living among these thieving gulls. I observe myself when they crest the sky.

They coast without care…, soaring well above my comprehension as I now understand why I was wrong.

These boiling, rolling, crashing thunderous waves scream death at me.

A place where quiet, is the loudest break hitting the rocks.

A spot where patience now grows within.

Foggy mornings and ominous figures turn to reveal the day to day. Dark forces kept at bay by a pillar of light.

A cry in the night is now the cry of a gull.

I could simply drift out to sea but I might grow up. Who wants that? Not I.

Each pulse of the light, cries out my very own SOS.

It is this beacon, that keeps me from fading away.

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