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UPHILL BATTLE - "Ripped Off Face"; taken from the self-titled album, available now via Relapse Records.

Producer/Director: Ivan Landau for Liminal Studios


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Ripped Off Face

A familiar backdrop falls
Over your blinded eyes
Like a wrecking ball
The repetition increases
While our life moves on
You march on
Synchronized with the machine
That uses you like fuel
To move closer and closer
We're caught like a lobster
No way out now but back
The bait has been taken
Our fate is chosen
My face is ripped off, we've already lost
So salute the new god of greed
Father's blood running down your face
means nothing to you
Now we are farther apart
than we've ever been
I hold your heart in my hand as you burn me
I hold your heart in my hand
as I sink in your waste
Down to your heavenly hell, now you own me
Drown in your heavenly hell
Sinking dead weight
Afraid to see what's happening
right in front of your face
It's already hit home
It's already too late,
embrace the demons with a new faith
The choices are already pre-chosen,
now play out the rule of your lust
Walk with the rest
I found my RIPPED OFF FACE under your blind eyes
As darkness carry on over your blind eyes

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