CONS Project - Building Skate Structures, Los Angeles, CA. August 9, 2014.
Words, photos and filming by Dan Levy. Video editing by Alicia Gilmour. Music: "Acid Rain" by Atlantic Thrills

On August 9, 2014, CONS Project set up a "Building Skate Structures" workshop in Los Angeles, which was free to the kids that signed up for it. Thanks to Converse for recognizing the need for future builders and hosting an event like this. Respect to Brent Kronmueller, Neal Mims and Dan Drehobl for putting in their time and sharing their skills with the kids and inspiring them to build and destroy. The skateboarding family has its traditions and one of our favorites is passing them on to the next generation to carry on and push it further. Now check out this video from the event and go build something and skate it!

Upcoming CONS Projects will include workshops on "DIY: Creative Recycling", "Filming Skate Videos", "In Studio Recording and Mixing", and "Making and Designing Skate Decks". Sign up at

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