Please drop me a line if you would like to try and make a skate video using this technique.

One of my first successes with recording Kinect v1 data in Processing 1.5.1. Recorded outdoors in Seattle, Wa.

After recording took place I have another app that processes the point cloud data to create and render a surface-mesh on the fly for each frame. The Processing sketch also supports texturing the mesh with images or video, moving the virtual camera around and saving the rendered frames to disk. At the time there were few or no other apps that could actually do this.

The biggest difficulty was getting the data from the Kinect v1 properly saved to disk. I recorded the depth frames to video (moviemaker for Processing 1.5.1) and if any compression took place it would utterly scramble the resulting depth information.

As far as I know the sketch only worked on OS X with Processing 1.5.1 because the library only worked with Java before the update that broke 1.5.1 on OS X.

The skater is my brother Gilbert.

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